Hello out there, this is my first post in my search for the perfect bottle. As in all Quests, it will be full of questions as well as  thoughts and observations.As of this post I sit on my couch and its a beautiful winter morn, in the cellar at this point are a Australian Shiraz/Viognier Blend waitting to be stabilized (as soon as I'm done here) ,A Pinot Gri in barrel primary happily bubbl'n away, a Chard. in carboy secondary, another Pinot Gri doing it's sur lie stuff ,3 gallons of Spanish Tempranillo getting older and,better as well as a Mango,based on Piont Gri, doing the same.Oh, there is also a Pilsner and a Cream Stout both doing thier thing. Must not forget the new barrel that needs to be gotten ready to go for use and then,out the door to get sailboat ready for the first race of the season.Makes one wonder what the heck I'm doing sitting on the couch blog'n dosent it ? I guess I'd better get a move on . See ya later ,have a great day

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Comment by david baker on March 12, 2011 at 8:42am
3/12/11,Sailboat race today hmmm, forecast for sse winds with gusts to 33 mph. 100% chance of rain .Have to talk with rest of crew, sounds like a good day to do some work in the cellar.
Comment by FOBWG on March 21, 2011 at 10:47pm
Where in Washington? I'm in Bothell, west of Woodenville
Comment by david baker on April 15, 2011 at 4:03pm
haven't checked in a while, have Shraiz/Viongnier and Chardonny both in barrels happily getting older.S/V hanging out for about a month now tasted yesterday comming along nicely ; Berrys, chocolate,spice, but first you get a hint of green apple from the viongier to open your tatse buds for what is to come ,going to give it another couple of weeks and see what happens.The chard has hints of mellon,pear,slight apple( and a what jackie call lilac slight on the nose) all these flavovers with a smooth butterness in the mouth, Tastey.going to check it  weekly and see how it gose should be soon I think.Racing sesion getting ready to get into full swing so things may slow down here a bit but,thats the great thing about win ; slow is good .Cheers


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